Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Top Five nail polishes for summer! Review and swatches

Decisions, decisions, decisions, finding the right nail colour is difficult in itself, deciding which one to wear is even harder! I have a huge passion for nail varnish and have a huge collection to go with it! This review is not sponsored in any way and is simply my opinion on my top five polishes that I like to have on my fingertips in the summer when tanned!

P.S please excuse the messy manicures.


I think i’ve repurchased this bottle about 9 times so far? This is my go to colour.3- 4 light coats and I have achieved the perfect colour. Its a classic colour, you won’t go wrong with this one. It was actually created to act as a universal sheer which could work on any skin tone; and in my opinion I feel it does suits every skin tone as you can build out the colour or have it as light as you want. This polish is a silky sheer beige. Essie are used worldwide in a majority of small or big salons, they are known for their beautiful formulas and pay off.

Allure was even worn mixed with a pale pink by Kate Middleton during her royal wedding!
When tanned this colour looks AH-MAZING on. It's a game changer for sure, I could not do my top 5 nail colours for summer without including this, every time I have this on the compliments are never ending. (not that thats a bad thing :-p)

I myself know underneath what may look like a perfect manicure is tired brittle nails that tend to have discoloured, so for me 3-4 coats really goes a long way.
In the swatches I have used 4 thin coat, it evens out the colour of all my nails I am always very pleased with the results after applying this colour on my nails. very classy, neat and polished, non streaky sheer polish.

I can’t say enough about this polish except go go go and get your hands.. or should I say nails on one of these little bottles of joy!


Another love affair with Essie.

I ADORE Essie polishes. no complaints ever. I have a nail polish hoarder problem going on, however I still manage to really spot out the ones I love, this colour is one that stands out in my collection ( maybe because I have about 8 of these bottles laying around i’m not sure!).  Fiji has the most beautiful stunning milky pink shade with a strong white undertone to it. 
The finish is very opaque and  creamy with no glitter or shimmers which is something I love in a polish. Essie polishes are known to have a very shiny finish however I still like to use top coats to give it a longer lifetime. Fiji gets compared to O.P.I Mod About You alot however I found that but Fiji is definitely more white toned and a lighter shade of pink. I prefer Fiji for sure. There’s a girly soft touch to Fiji, it is very feminine and classy. The perfect nude. Whenever I have used this when tanned it definitely enhancers the tan which is a bonus!

There have been some negative comments about the consistency of Fiji, However I have never found it a major issue, I always ensure I shake the bottle well before use, apply a thin latter, let it then then apply a thicker layer which helps prevent streaking.  Be patient! I love to apply a thin layer of Top-Coat on top of fiji to give it that extra kick!

DIOR:Rose Flamboyant / Blazing Pink

I know you maybe think this is quite a dark shade for summer Eman??? Dark shades can also be worn in summer and look good! especially ones with red undertones.

This Dior Venis polish in ‘Rose Flamboyant’ or also known as ‘Blazing Pink’ is a berry pink shade with vibrant red undertones.  I have stopped wearing the brights and neons for summer, who knows I may get back into them, it  really depends who what where and when, However lately I like to keep my nails very classic and simple shades that are versatile and don’t clash with what I wear.
I go for classic nudes or elegant berry/red tones and this is exactly that. This shade is not dark enough to be a winter tone for me yet light enough for that summer evening elegance. it is a very romantic shade and I adore it.

I love love love Dior polishes, they surprisingly have great colour pay off and las a good 5 days without chipping. I am so impressed with Diors shade range, I know there are not the most affordable polishes in the market, yet I happily re-purchased a range of colours from Dior as they worked so well and invested in timeless colours that can always be worn. I have not felt the need to wear a top coat with Dior polishes, and that for me speaks for itself.
In my swatches for this shade I used two coats only. pigmentation is to the fullest.


Why does Essie always do this for me ?? Or is it me doing it to myself?? that is the question…?

I tend to always gravitate towards the nudes in any nail polish counter displays. I was on the look out for a milky not to bright yet soft lilac; and then I found Lilacism.

It really was love at first sight. At first I was unsure if wearing lilac on my nails would look odd, however I was wrong… very wrong. I constantly wear this shade - not only in summer. Lilacism is a pretty pastel. the swatches of this shade really does not do it any justice, in person it is amazing. very light, dusty mild milk purple shade with blue undertones.
Again with all Essie polishes shiny finish is a bonus. Lilacism is very feminine indeed, its known that when tanned milky nudes encher your colour, however I found that Lilacism went that extra mile and I feel like it was due to the blue undertones? The colour payoff is stunning and looks so so good on golden skin.
In this swatch I used two coats only! pigmentation is great, definitely give the bottle a good shake as this is quite a watery formula that dries quickly.

I always get excited when I see this colour, especially if it has been a while since i’ve last  worn it.

O. P. I: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around from the Brazil Collection is a great clean fresh shade. I recently ditched fun colours and have started to really appreciate natural nail looks as I grow older. They just have this was of making you (and your hands) look very lady like and elegant.

Its a bonus that nude shades will always match whatever colours of clothing you’re wearing.

In this swatch I used three thin layers to get full coverage on my nails. The polish itself is very creamy and easy to apply.The shade has just the perfect amount of pink without it being too girly. to me there seems to be a hint of purple in the undertones. And I think this is why it works well when I am tanned. I wouldn't state it was just another one of those boring nudes, its a mysterious shade, a clean cut fresh nude that overall works well.

I also found that it was not streaky at all which I love. No hassle. I cant explain this colour to the fullest and the way it deserves as the pictures don’t do a good job of sharing its beauty.

I know there are a million nudes out there; and believe me I have tried A LOT but this milky shade works well when tanned and I can’t quite put my finger on it or tell you why but it does. Youre going to have to try it out and let me know what you think!

Dont forget to share this post if you felt it was useful, What are your top 5 summer shades?

Eman xoxo


  1. You've got loads! how do you store all these?
    Charlotte xx

  2. Hey Charlotte! I know x_x I have an obsession with nail polishes lol. its got really..really..bad ha! I have a great way of storing them where they are all compact and tidy! Was thinking of doing a post on that? let me know what you think. X

  3. I can tell! hahah I don't even half of that! Yeah please do a post on that that would be really interesting!xx

  4. Will do this probably over the weekend.. as i have A LOT to go through! haha.. what ones are you fave? x

  5. Haha yeah good idea&essie ones look lovely x

    1. Will keep you posted once its up. :-p x