Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gerard Cosmetics - Review and Swatches

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the most talked about Gerard Cosmetics famous lipsticks! Their most desired shade is in 1995, It is actually a collaboration with world-famous makeup artist/Youtube guru Jaclyn Hill, and the CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard.

1995 brings back the neutral brick classic brown lips that the supermodels wore in 1995.

At the moment I own 5 shades in their lipstick range; Underground, 1995,Buttercup,Nude and Berry smoothie.

I order from their USA website, however recently found out that  Cocktail Cosmetics online now carry GC  which means faster access for us in UK and Europe. (I’ve just placed another order to complete my collection!)

In terms of shade, Underground is a beautiful dirty pink with undertones of lilac and mild brown, 1995 is a light terracotta burnt brown with pink undertones, Buttercup is the sweetest baby pink shade. Nude to me is the perfect everyday shade, a more coral peachy tone nude, perfect for that golden summer look; And finally, Berry smoothie is exactly what the name says, its a juicy berry pink tone thats mild and sophisticated. 

With Flash ^ From Top to bottom, Underground, 1995, Buttercup,Nude and Berry Smoothie. 

Without Flash/Natural light ^ From Top to bottom, Underground, 1995, Buttercup,Nude and Berry smoothie. 

What I personally love about GC lipsticks about from the sleek, classy GOLD packaging is the formula.They do vary in finish however are all very pigmented and have amazing lasting power.

Texture wise, I found that 1995 Nude and Underground are more matte in comparison to Berry Smoothie and Buttercup, which  have a more creamy texture.

The matte lipsticks are not too overpowering which is great as they do not dry out my lips like others. I tend to always prep my lips before using matte lipsticks.I can go around 5 hours without any touch ups. Due to the creamy texture I found that Berry smoothie and buttercup did not last as well especially if I had been eating or drinking. from my experience, a second application made the colour last longer as they leave a slight stain behind as it starts to wear off and for this reason found it just works best second time round and really builds up the colour.

Out of the 5 lipsticks, Nude is my favourite; not only because Im a Nude lover yet simply due to its flexability of wear. I like to mix it with other shades and is the perfect base if you like to apply lipgloss on top of nude lippies like I do!

This may sound strange.. to me the lipsticks smell like Crayons.. odd i know, however i don’t really pick up any other scent notes other than a very faint touch of floral. its simply and not overpowering.

If you have not yet followed GC on social media, I advise you to do so; They often have flash sales on cosmetic bundles which often include free worldwide shipping.

Have you tried out Gerard Cosmetics yet? Whats your favourite? If you found this post useful don't forget to comment and share!

Eman xoxo


  1. I've been after GC lipsticks for ages was scared to order online from US cause of custom charges, had no idea cocktail cosmetics do them online! 1995 shade is so beautiful.


    1. I actually got charged £17 customer charges! my friend who also purchased GC did not, so i emailed them! wasn't happy about that tbh, but defiantly check out Cocktail cosmetics.. 1995 is so mature and beautiful, you'll love it! let me know if you end up ordering any? x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Will be sure to check your pages out x

  3. I love the packaging. Nude looks lovely, I can't pass up a good nude lippy!

    Hannah x

    1. Honestly the gold is so so pretty!! Me neither.. this is one of my fave nudes, Are you thinking of giving these a try? x

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