Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sigma Haul / Review

I was in no need for more make up brushes and had no reason behind placing this order except from the fact that they are too beautiful to not have in my collection. 

I thought id share this mini Sigma haul with you. 


If you're looking for a good brush to apply shadow really easily to your lid, I'd suggest you get Sigma E50. It's a bit larger than the E55, In my opinion, the best of the bunch. Large enough, sturdy enough, and you can pack enough shadow to it.

This is now my fave eye brush. For those of us that might just use an all-over the lid shade and run out the door, this is the perfect brush. It's big and fluffy and soft, but flattened a bit in a way where is just goes where you want it to.
This brush shed quite abit. I used my fingers to gently pinch at the bristles and about 5-6 strands came off. I repeat many times and it continues to shed!!! 
This is a very large, flat shader brush. It is fairly soft and when washing I didn't see any bleeding black ink. It is a versatile brush. I use it for a soft wash of colour on the lid or brow bone, putting powder under my eyes to set concealer, and applying highlighter on cheekbones. 


I wouldn't really describe this as a must-have brush, but it's still very nice for detailed work.

I use it for highlighting my browbone, applying eyeshadow on my bottom lashline or smudging eye pencil.
It's especially good for connecting the outer corner of my bottom and top lashline. My eye is rounded and I have long lashes so this can sometimes be a bit tricky because I can't see that outer part really well, but this brush helps make a precise line.
I've had it for a few months and washed it several times, both with soap and makeup remover, but no hairs fell out.
It's not the softest brush in the world, but I noticed no scratching or irritation whatsoever.
Also, it hasn't lost its shape at all.
All in all, I would recommend it to those who use a lot of eyeshadow and like more elaborate looks or do makeup on others.
As I said it's not an absolute must have for everyone, but I really enjoy using it and it has proved to be quite handy on a lot of occasions.

This is another amazing brush, It's great for blending in your upper and lower lash line, good for creating a smoky eyes without any messy fallout!

The Sigma 3DHD Kabuki and Precision Brushes are multi-functional tools invented by Sigma and engineered to perfection. The 3DHD Kabuki was uniquely designed for all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle; while the 3DHD Precision brush was uniquely designed for smaller areas of the face.
The point of the brush allows for precise application, which I think is awesome! If you need to get into the creases of your nose or just below the eyes and lips, the bristles are sure to get those hard to reach places. I like to get my foundation and concealer right up to the rim of my eye to cover up discoloration. This intense point allows me to do so. If you’re a makeup artist, its so easy to use on other clients, as without a precise brush, it can sometimes be a bit difficult with other brushes. While we always end up making it work, having a tool to make life easier is always great!
I can pretty much say the same thing about this brush that I did for the Kabuki. It’s rare that I use a brush to blend in my concealer, as I opt for a Beauty Blender, but again, if you really want to get close to the eye, it’s great. If you like creating those eye looks with a sharp edge, applying concealer with this brush just below the shadow is easy and you don’t have to worry about messing it up.  Furthermore, if you need to clean up around your lips if you have smudged your lipstick or need a sharper edge, it’s small, precise design makes it easy to achieve that look.


The Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Collection is a lavish assortment of one of a kind, brushes with 18K gold plated ferrules. The Extravaganza Face Kit features four unique brushes specially designed to deliver a luxurious makeup application

Blush - F92 Perfect for application of powder blush. Also ideal for shading and highlighting cheeks and face. Natural bristles.
Because it's flat, I can use this not just for applying a blush but also I can highlight with it. If you put it next to F95, you'll see that it's actually a very normal sized brush (F95 is huge). Again, the bristles are soft and I am glad it's not very dense. A dense brush tends to pick up too much of the product (especially when you're dealing with loose powder blush) and you can end up looking like a clown. I personally think a flat brush is better at applying a blusher compared to a round one because when your brush is flat, your application becomes easy and precise.

There were a couple of times last summer after getting some sun that I needed to find an easy way to blend my foundation’s color with the color in my neck because it looked way lighter than my face. I looked at some videos in youtube an saw this particular brush which seemed to be exactly for this purpose . So, I decided to give it a try. I’d had a very good experience with this brand so far so I was hoping this would also be a good brush.

This is such a unique brush! First of all, the bristles are really soft even after a couple of washes. It doesn’t scratch my skin at all, which is great for sensitive areas like the neck. This Sigma Body Brush, like the name says, is perfect to apply products to the arms, shoulders, chest, legs… anywhere you can think of. My favorite use for it is to blend my foundation all over the neck and chest so that everything is even and the makeup looks polish. This brush has such a dense head. Because of its size if perfect to cover large body areas.

I haven’t used any other brush like this before, so I found it quite unique. The fact that it’s so soft, so dense and so big
make it ideal for blending any product, whether it’s a powder or a cream, specially in large areas like the chest and neck. If you are constantly getting a lot of sun and find yourself doing a lot of blending between your face and any other part of the body you may want to consider this brush. Otherwise I can’t think of any other way you could use this brush.


When placing my order with Sigma I had the option of choosing a free gift, I chose the E25 in a mini and I also purchased the full sized version. I had purchased this brush a while ago and ended up loosing it when I was on holiday, so it was only right for me to repurchase it. 

As the name states, this is a blending brush for eyeshadow but over the years, I’ve found that it does a lot more than just blend shadow.
If you don’t want your under eye concealer to look cakey, you can use a brush like this to apply the product. It gives a lighter coverage and a more diffused look to the skin. You’d be surprised you know. Natural hair really does apply cream and powder product better and more evenly to the skin, with a lighter more natural appearance. At least that’s my experience which is why I prefer using natural hair brushes.

This Sigma E25 Blending Brush has also been touted to be a dupe of the MAC 217 blending brush but as I do not have the MAC one I am unable to compare. I do have another 2 brushes that look the same in my stash so I’ll show them to you below.

All in all, I’d say that this is a good brush to have in your brush stash. It is multi-functional and performs well, plus holds up well to washing. I’ve had this one for a few years and the bristles still wash out fairly clean with just soap. I couldn’t complain really!

The E25  brush is a blending brush with white natural hair bristles. i personally find that the brush is quite dense, yet fluffy enough so you can use it to blend colours and edges. I personally use this brush to apply concealer under my eye area.  in my opinion it is a great multi purpose brush, great value for money. 

Have you tried any of these brushes? Are there any you'd recommend? 

Eman xoxo

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Best Hair Mask - Drug store edition

A head full of split ends.. Story of my life.

Im forever seeking new hair treatments or mask, both shop bought and home made. I Had hoped into Superdrug over the weekend as I had run out of nail polish remover; Trying so hard to keep my eyes on the floor and not to let them wonder to across the aisles of heaven. Who was I kidding? I came out with 3 hair masks and a new Shampoo and Conditioner duo that I will be reviewing in my next post. 

Two of the hair mask were repurchases, Both from Herbal Essences. I forgot how much I loved to use these. Not only does the smell alone make you fall in love with the product but the price. £3.99!!! Actually at the time they were on offer buy one get one half price! So it would of been silly to not have stocked up. I usually go for the red tub (Beautiful Ends) and the blue tub (Hello Hydration) Both of which are wash out masks. However this time I picked myself up a Beautiful ends and the gold tub (Bee strong) And as you guessed, Theres some juicy honey goodness inside. 

Since purchasing these I have used them both. The split end mask works wonders on ends. I use this once a week; I leave it on for a good 15 minutes while I have a soak in the bath. I shampoo my hair as per usual, then apply generous amount of this to the ends of my hair (not too much as it will just slide down the drain)  I then clip it up and leave it on. If I’m having a shower and not bath id try my hardest to leave it on for as long as i can which usually is not more than 5 mins or so. The mask itself smells AMAZING. 

Ive not tried this particular one before and thought id give it a go. Im not the biggest fan of L’oreal products yet cheer for their Extraordinary range, The shampoo and condition are fab if your on a tight budget. This summer saviour edition mask its targeted to Dry, sun exposed hair which is exactly me, with my summer holiday around the corner I thought id give this ago. The mask states that it cares for hair that has been damaged by the sun, salt and chlorine which are all things I will encounter from my holiday. This mask is defiantly getting packed in my suitcase. This mask also has that summer oil smell. Pure lush!I don’t have the thickest amount go hair so I also ensure I fully rinse out all product from my hair, especially a heavy hair mask as they tend to weigh my hair down and leave it very greasy very quickly! 

I would definitely recommend this for everyone to give a try, especially those with dyed hair; And to all those heat styling lovers like myself… this is the kindest treat you could give your hair! I was excited to give the Intensive mask a try. The smell takes me back to a pool side moment, The smell has a beautiful honey and Apricot smell that reminds me of summer.

 Summer smells like this tub! Once I have shampooed and conditioned my hair like normal I grab a generous amount of this stuff, again not too much as the more you add on the hair the more it will go to waste. I tend to only use heavy masks like the eon the bottom of my hair however this time I worked it in my scalp from root to tip - as advised. I left this mask of for 4 minuets then rinsed it off.The results were beautiful, I noticed my hair was defiantly less frizzy. My ends defiantly felts stronger after using this mask. If your hair is in need for some TLC id defiantly pick one of these tubs up, for the price you can’t go wrong! beautiful product with its signature smells that we all adore to lather up with!I purchased L’oreals NEW Extraordinary oil nourishing mask .

What hair mask do you use or recommend? Don't forget you can follow me on: Instagram : MissEmanQassemTwitter: EmanInlalaland 

Eman xoxo

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mini Weekend Haul - Mac and H&M

My Mini Weekend Haul!

I simply can not go into a Mac counter and walk out empty handed, it would be rude  if i did..

I repurchased some items and also bagged some times I’ve been lusting over for a while. I also purchased a couple of fun T-Shirts from H&M that are simply beautiful and affordable. And here they are: 

Mac Matte lipstick in Yash 

A Neutral peach shade lipstick in a matte finish, The Texture is Smooth and creamy.

Mac Satin Lipstick in Twig (Repurchase) 
A soft brownish-pink shade, very opaque with a satin finish. This is a safe shade for me, compliments my olive toned skin, a sophisticated your lips but better lipstick. 

Mac Matte Lipstick in Sin (Repurchase) 
Hands down this has to be my fave vampy lipstick from MAC I've probably gone through about 5 of these.
A deep Burgundy shade with subtle brown undertones. A matte finish. One of Macs most popular lipsticks from there permanent range. 

Mac Satin Lipstick in Mocha 
I was on the look out for my new summer lipstick, i tend to always have one as a signature and this year its Mocha, I love love love the peachy brown tones to it. A full on opaque lipstick, can be drying However nothing applying lip balm underneath won’t solve. This shade is going to really complement a tan.. I can see it already. 

Mac Satin Lipstick in Cherish 
A creamy nude shade that glides on smoothly on the lips. It has a slight glossy sheen to it, Very pigmented. This is the kind of shade I like to wear with a smokey eye or heavy make up, its a subtle shade that can work with most make up looks id say, I love how it catches the light due to its slight gloss finish. For me this is a shade id like to wear for a casual evening look.

Mac Lip Pencil in Whirl (Repurchase- FINALLY they restocked it at Selfridges) 

I used to have a hate on hate relationship with Lip pencils/Lip liners; However the past two years or so I’ve kind off gone lip pencil crazy. 
Whirl is most probably the most wanted lip liner ever since Kylie Jenner introduced us to her signature lip combo   ( Whir Applied With Velvet Teddy matte  Lipstick - Mac ) 
Mac describe the shade to be as a Dirty Rose. It is a deep pink with brown undertones. I found that patinece is needed when applying Whirl as it is very dry. 

H&M Sequenced Pineapple T-Shirt (£12.99)
Im a sucker for a grey T-Shirt, However this time round it has a Pineapple on it! I love seeing Pineapples as it always reminds me of summer and happiness. I Love the texture of this t shirt very soft and doesn’t stick on to those unwanted places! I can really see my sell dressing this up and down for day time and evening looks. 

H&M Watermelon T-Shirt (£12.99)
My faviourte fruit, On a T-Shirt? Oh yes. I love love love Watermelons and may I add 99% of my wardrobe is black.. I tend to always grab anything i see in black first, a bad habit i know. Mum always tells me i should wear more colour however I just feel easy and comfortable in black, I should really get out of this habit. This is a cute, fun play on a classic plain black tee and I think i will wear this until its dying days.

Im usually a M in H&M However I purchased these T-Shirts in a L as I wanted to style them quite baggy and loose. I love these T-Shirts and think they are great for summer, Sequin motif T-Shirts and sweaters are everywhere right now and are going for a lot more than £12.99, hence why I had to purchase both, i always find with H&M its very hit and miss, so If I find myself unsure about an item,I tend to always buy it and later decide at home if i want to keep it or not, I hate living in regret! 

Have you tried any of these Mac products?  Let me know what you think of my fruity T-Shirts? 

Eman xoxo

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gerard Cosmetics - Review and Swatches

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the most talked about Gerard Cosmetics famous lipsticks! Their most desired shade is in 1995, It is actually a collaboration with world-famous makeup artist/Youtube guru Jaclyn Hill, and the CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard.

1995 brings back the neutral brick classic brown lips that the supermodels wore in 1995.

At the moment I own 5 shades in their lipstick range; Underground, 1995,Buttercup,Nude and Berry smoothie.

I order from their USA website, however recently found out that  Cocktail Cosmetics online now carry GC  which means faster access for us in UK and Europe. (I’ve just placed another order to complete my collection!)

In terms of shade, Underground is a beautiful dirty pink with undertones of lilac and mild brown, 1995 is a light terracotta burnt brown with pink undertones, Buttercup is the sweetest baby pink shade. Nude to me is the perfect everyday shade, a more coral peachy tone nude, perfect for that golden summer look; And finally, Berry smoothie is exactly what the name says, its a juicy berry pink tone thats mild and sophisticated. 

With Flash ^ From Top to bottom, Underground, 1995, Buttercup,Nude and Berry Smoothie. 

Without Flash/Natural light ^ From Top to bottom, Underground, 1995, Buttercup,Nude and Berry smoothie. 

What I personally love about GC lipsticks about from the sleek, classy GOLD packaging is the formula.They do vary in finish however are all very pigmented and have amazing lasting power.

Texture wise, I found that 1995 Nude and Underground are more matte in comparison to Berry Smoothie and Buttercup, which  have a more creamy texture.

The matte lipsticks are not too overpowering which is great as they do not dry out my lips like others. I tend to always prep my lips before using matte lipsticks.I can go around 5 hours without any touch ups. Due to the creamy texture I found that Berry smoothie and buttercup did not last as well especially if I had been eating or drinking. from my experience, a second application made the colour last longer as they leave a slight stain behind as it starts to wear off and for this reason found it just works best second time round and really builds up the colour.

Out of the 5 lipsticks, Nude is my favourite; not only because Im a Nude lover yet simply due to its flexability of wear. I like to mix it with other shades and is the perfect base if you like to apply lipgloss on top of nude lippies like I do!

This may sound strange.. to me the lipsticks smell like Crayons.. odd i know, however i don’t really pick up any other scent notes other than a very faint touch of floral. its simply and not overpowering.

If you have not yet followed GC on social media, I advise you to do so; They often have flash sales on cosmetic bundles which often include free worldwide shipping.

Have you tried out Gerard Cosmetics yet? Whats your favourite? If you found this post useful don't forget to comment and share!

Eman xoxo

Friday, 19 June 2015

COCONUT Oil - Tips and Tricks

Coconut oil is becoming more and more popular and is mentioned more today than it ever has done. Coconut oil has been used for years and years in Asia, not only in their cooking but girls have been using it as part of their beauty regime for years, now in the West, this has become the latest trend and is being rated by celebrities everywhere. Not only is Coconut oil known for the new trend of oil pulling but also can be used in your kitchen, on your body, teeth and skin! All methods have been tried and tested by me.

Here are my top 5 ways to use Coconut oil.

1- Oil pulling has become very popular the past couple of months, loved and used by many celebrities worldwide. I am sure most people do not really know what products really work anymore and which are just a well advertised craze, especially ones celebrities are constantly advertising and promoting (#spons) However the thing is.. Coconut Oil actually works!
Mix a small amount of baking soda and coconut oil. Healthy, clean, fresh and whiter teeth in no time..and..with no added nasty chemicals! Give it a try!

2  - Coconut oil can be used as an all natural lip balm, Simply dab a small amount of coconut oil on dry or chapped lips and watch the transformation. Coconut oil is known to be a very hydrating oil that has the power to combat chapped lips in no time!
If you love coconut oil as much as I do and want to carry it on the go, why not dab some into an empty lip balm pot, miniature jars or  even a contact lense case?

3- Coconut oil can be used as a body scrub/exfoliator which is very beneficial not only does it it get rid of old skin cells or any clogged up pores it is  significantly hydrating! Which means great moisture for your skin..why not?

To create the scrub is super easy! All you need is your prefered amount of coconut oil mixed together with roughly the same amount of sugar or salt! I personally prefer to use brown sugar.. Trust me on this one.. youre going to love it. This is great to do in summer as it keeps your skin feeling silky soft and hydrated.

4- The same with using it on your skin, Coconut oils  hydrating benefits works wonders for hair.. especially dull frizzy hair like mine!
It is an AH-MAZING moisturizer for dry, lifeless damaged hair .. if you’ve got a million and one  split ends like me.. you have to try this.  

I like to use coconut oil as a deep conditioner/Hair mask before I shower, If I have the time, id leave it on for about an hour or so before stepping in the shower. Less is more with coconut oil, it can get a little greasy and can weigh down your hair if you use too much of it.

5 - Yes..tried and tested..Coconut oil is one of the best makeup remover I have ever used!
Dam some coconut oil on a cotton ball, and wipe it all over your face ..and watch the makeup melt away.. even the toughest waterproof mascaras has nothing on my beloved Coconut oil. and again.. no added nasty chemicals! love it.
Remeber.. a Little goes a long way.

Coconut oil is affordable and can easily be found in jars of hard oil or sprays, these can be found in your local supermarket, health stores and is easily found online. 

Let me know how you use Coconut oil? Share this post if you found it useful!

Eman xoxo

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Top Five nail polishes for summer! Review and swatches

Decisions, decisions, decisions, finding the right nail colour is difficult in itself, deciding which one to wear is even harder! I have a huge passion for nail varnish and have a huge collection to go with it! This review is not sponsored in any way and is simply my opinion on my top five polishes that I like to have on my fingertips in the summer when tanned!

P.S please excuse the messy manicures.


I think i’ve repurchased this bottle about 9 times so far? This is my go to colour.3- 4 light coats and I have achieved the perfect colour. Its a classic colour, you won’t go wrong with this one. It was actually created to act as a universal sheer which could work on any skin tone; and in my opinion I feel it does suits every skin tone as you can build out the colour or have it as light as you want. This polish is a silky sheer beige. Essie are used worldwide in a majority of small or big salons, they are known for their beautiful formulas and pay off.

Allure was even worn mixed with a pale pink by Kate Middleton during her royal wedding!
When tanned this colour looks AH-MAZING on. It's a game changer for sure, I could not do my top 5 nail colours for summer without including this, every time I have this on the compliments are never ending. (not that thats a bad thing :-p)

I myself know underneath what may look like a perfect manicure is tired brittle nails that tend to have discoloured, so for me 3-4 coats really goes a long way.
In the swatches I have used 4 thin coat, it evens out the colour of all my nails I am always very pleased with the results after applying this colour on my nails. very classy, neat and polished, non streaky sheer polish.

I can’t say enough about this polish except go go go and get your hands.. or should I say nails on one of these little bottles of joy!


Another love affair with Essie.

I ADORE Essie polishes. no complaints ever. I have a nail polish hoarder problem going on, however I still manage to really spot out the ones I love, this colour is one that stands out in my collection ( maybe because I have about 8 of these bottles laying around i’m not sure!).  Fiji has the most beautiful stunning milky pink shade with a strong white undertone to it. 
The finish is very opaque and  creamy with no glitter or shimmers which is something I love in a polish. Essie polishes are known to have a very shiny finish however I still like to use top coats to give it a longer lifetime. Fiji gets compared to O.P.I Mod About You alot however I found that but Fiji is definitely more white toned and a lighter shade of pink. I prefer Fiji for sure. There’s a girly soft touch to Fiji, it is very feminine and classy. The perfect nude. Whenever I have used this when tanned it definitely enhancers the tan which is a bonus!

There have been some negative comments about the consistency of Fiji, However I have never found it a major issue, I always ensure I shake the bottle well before use, apply a thin latter, let it then then apply a thicker layer which helps prevent streaking.  Be patient! I love to apply a thin layer of Top-Coat on top of fiji to give it that extra kick!

DIOR:Rose Flamboyant / Blazing Pink

I know you maybe think this is quite a dark shade for summer Eman??? Dark shades can also be worn in summer and look good! especially ones with red undertones.

This Dior Venis polish in ‘Rose Flamboyant’ or also known as ‘Blazing Pink’ is a berry pink shade with vibrant red undertones.  I have stopped wearing the brights and neons for summer, who knows I may get back into them, it  really depends who what where and when, However lately I like to keep my nails very classic and simple shades that are versatile and don’t clash with what I wear.
I go for classic nudes or elegant berry/red tones and this is exactly that. This shade is not dark enough to be a winter tone for me yet light enough for that summer evening elegance. it is a very romantic shade and I adore it.

I love love love Dior polishes, they surprisingly have great colour pay off and las a good 5 days without chipping. I am so impressed with Diors shade range, I know there are not the most affordable polishes in the market, yet I happily re-purchased a range of colours from Dior as they worked so well and invested in timeless colours that can always be worn. I have not felt the need to wear a top coat with Dior polishes, and that for me speaks for itself.
In my swatches for this shade I used two coats only. pigmentation is to the fullest.


Why does Essie always do this for me ?? Or is it me doing it to myself?? that is the question…?

I tend to always gravitate towards the nudes in any nail polish counter displays. I was on the look out for a milky not to bright yet soft lilac; and then I found Lilacism.

It really was love at first sight. At first I was unsure if wearing lilac on my nails would look odd, however I was wrong… very wrong. I constantly wear this shade - not only in summer. Lilacism is a pretty pastel. the swatches of this shade really does not do it any justice, in person it is amazing. very light, dusty mild milk purple shade with blue undertones.
Again with all Essie polishes shiny finish is a bonus. Lilacism is very feminine indeed, its known that when tanned milky nudes encher your colour, however I found that Lilacism went that extra mile and I feel like it was due to the blue undertones? The colour payoff is stunning and looks so so good on golden skin.
In this swatch I used two coats only! pigmentation is great, definitely give the bottle a good shake as this is quite a watery formula that dries quickly.

I always get excited when I see this colour, especially if it has been a while since i’ve last  worn it.

O. P. I: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around from the Brazil Collection is a great clean fresh shade. I recently ditched fun colours and have started to really appreciate natural nail looks as I grow older. They just have this was of making you (and your hands) look very lady like and elegant.

Its a bonus that nude shades will always match whatever colours of clothing you’re wearing.

In this swatch I used three thin layers to get full coverage on my nails. The polish itself is very creamy and easy to apply.The shade has just the perfect amount of pink without it being too girly. to me there seems to be a hint of purple in the undertones. And I think this is why it works well when I am tanned. I wouldn't state it was just another one of those boring nudes, its a mysterious shade, a clean cut fresh nude that overall works well.

I also found that it was not streaky at all which I love. No hassle. I cant explain this colour to the fullest and the way it deserves as the pictures don’t do a good job of sharing its beauty.

I know there are a million nudes out there; and believe me I have tried A LOT but this milky shade works well when tanned and I can’t quite put my finger on it or tell you why but it does. Youre going to have to try it out and let me know what you think!

Dont forget to share this post if you felt it was useful, What are your top 5 summer shades?

Eman xoxo